The Heart of Any Motorcycle Dealer



“The Workshop and Aftersales Department”

Key to our business and often over looked by others. I can only liken this to a restaurant; you could have fantastic premises with great front of house, immaculate staff and wonderful surroundings, but it’s the kitchen that matters, it’s the food that makes or breaks that restaurant, great food leads to repeat business and recommendations, and happy customers of course.



We have the same approach, we take our workshop very seriously, we take pride in our aftersales, we care about our customers and their bikes, and we rely on

“Repeat Business, and Recommendations”

We listen too! We welcome feedback, operate a very personal, honest, and open approach with all of our customers.



Now without sounding to corporate we can say

“We have a fully equipped Workshop”

with all the latest equipment, ranging from ultrasonic cleaning tanks to XC1 3D Diagnostics Systems with live Factory interface, and of course all of the

“KTM and Husqvarna Special Tools”

required to be a Factory approved Dealer, but more importantly we have



“Fully Trained and Experienced Technicians”

to operate and use our equipment as the Factory intended. We are fully compliant with all industry legislation and are fully insured for public liability and works carried out. We are constantly investing in our workshop facilities and technicians in order to deliver high standards of work. That said we still

“Cater for all needs, there is no job too small or large”.

Being a retailer of both On and Off-road motorcycles, of all capacities, we are set up to carry out all works required. If you have any aftersales questions or workshop needs by all means give us a call, or pop in and have a chat,

“Over a cuppa of course”.

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