Model Description

The competition-focused specification of the 2025 TC 50 ensures maximum performance with the small 2-stroke machine maintaining its position at the head of the 50 cc class for another year. Adjustable ergonomics allow young riders to compete on the same model for extended periods of time, as they grow in both size and confidence, while the WP suspension ensures exceptional rideability. Expertly assembled with unrivalled attention to detail using premium quality components, the TC 50 continues to provide young riders with a distinct advantage on the racetrack.
The clean and sleek bodywork is scaled down from what is found on the full-size machines and offers the same proven ergonomics. By replicating the design, youngsters will benefit from the larger contact points that allow them to grip the bike tighter with their legs for enhanced control. In addition, a flatter seat profile offers unrestricted movement.

A simple installation process allows fast, clean, and easy air filter changes. The Twin Air filter, which features a large surface area for increased air flow, is fitted as standard and can be easily accessed by removing the quick release seat by hand. 

High-quality aluminium handlebars with a black anodised finish ensure reduced vibration and maximum stability. The wide bar bend enhances comfort and leads to better body positioning with thin diameter ODI grips allowing for a heightened level of control.

Sleek in design to fit onto the frame and inside the ergonomic bodywork, the slim fuel tank offers an ample fuel capacity of 2.35 litres.

To accommodate youngsters of different sizes, the TC 50 offers multiple adjustment options to suit a wider range of riders, based on their height and set-up preference. The handlebars can be mounted in four different positions, the rear shock can be positioned from standard high position into a lower setting, and the subframe and bodywork can be installed in two different places to suit each individual rider.

The frame of the TC 50 is made from chromium molybdenum steel and enhances the riding experience thanks to its precise geometry and calculated flex. Utilising a proven design concept, the shock is not connected to the upper frame tube to reduce the energy transferred through the chassis, which leads to greater stability. Frame protectors with a textured surface enhance control in all conditions and protects the dark blue metallic powder coating from wear.

Manufactured using a combination of polyamide glass fibre and steel, this hybrid construction offers exceptional reliability. Robust, lightweight, and durable, the subframe plays a vital role in the handling of the TC 50 and it can be adjusted in height for personalised ergonomics.

Forged triple clamps align the forks perfectly and ensure smooth, uncompromised performance from the WP suspension. The triple clamps offer calculated flex characteristics without sacrificing stability.

Featuring the latest in suspension technology, the TC 50 is equipped with 35 mm WP XACT-USD forks. Besides being very lightweight, the forks offer exceptional damping and comfort, which allows for youngsters to ride with complete confidence. Offering 205 mm of wheel travel, the air spring in the left fork leg can be easily adjusted using the supplied air pump to create the perfect set up for any rider.

Connecting directly to the swingarm, the WP XACT monoshock is updated with revised settings to enhance the damping characteristics and improve the overall balance of the TC 50. With the ability to adjust the preload, high and low speed compression, and rebound settings, the WP XACT monoshock can be set up to suit any rider.

The hollow die-cast aluminium swingarm is manufactured from a single piece of aluminium for optimal stiffness. In order to optimise and match the flex characteristics of the new frame, a 12 mm rear axle is fitted. Additionally, the chain guard and chain slider are designed to prevent mud from building up around the swingarm.

The compact and powerful TC 50 engine features the latest 2-stroke technology and produces a broad spread of usable power to benefit every rider. The crankshaft is positioned close to the centre of gravity to not only enhance overall handling, but to create the perfect intake angle for generating exceptional performance.

Unique cylinder head inserts are made specifically for the TC 50 and significantly enhance heat conduction. Thanks to their design, the inserts are not compatible with other TC models.

The settings inside the proven Dellorto PHBG 19 BS carburettor maximise engine performance and ensures the TC 50 runs cleanly throughout its rev-range.

The exhaust system boosts performance of the TC 50 considerably. With the welding seams removed from the inside, exhaust gas flow is unrestricted and maximum power is delivered. The silencer now features a tighter sealing around the end cap and is complete with a black anodised finish.

With a reinforced basket and high-quality plates, the automatic clutch inside the TC 50 offers excellent durability and consistent performance. The clutch pack is assembled using Torx bolts to make inspection and replacement easier while the gasket behind the clutch cover offers exceptional sealing.

By combining hydraulically operated brake calipers and waved, state-of-the-art discs front and rear, braking performance is consistent and reliable. Durability of the calipers and discs extends maintenance schedules while the forged rear brake pedal enhances control.

For improved cooling, a larger capacity radiator replaces the two smaller radiators as found on the outgoing generation of the TC 50. Capable of holding more coolant and contributing to a simplified routing of the hoses, the radiator is adequately protected from any potential damage.

Lightweight aluminium hubs are laced to black anodised, aluminium rims using strong spokes to create a reliable set of wheels. Complete with Maxxis Maxxcross MX-ST tyres, young riders will enjoy the benefits of excellent traction and predictability across a wide range of surfaces.

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Model Specification

  • Engine

    Engine Type

    1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine


    49.6 cc




    Engine Management System

    Seletra 2p D36

  • Frame


    39.5 mm


    40.7 mm

    Frame Design

    Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame


    415, Non-sealed

    Steering head angle

    66 degrees

    Total fuel tank capacity approx.

    2.3 litres

    Weight without fuel approx.

    42.5 kg

  • Transmission


    Single-speed automaticclutch (adjustable)


    Centrifugal clutch (adjustable)

  • Suspension

    Suspension travel Front

    200 mm

    Suspension travel Rear

    190 mm

    Front Suspension

    XACT 35 WP Upside-Down fork, 35 mm

    Rear Suspension

    XACT WP PDS mono shock

  • Wheels

    Brake system Front

    Formula disc brakes

    Brake system Rear

    Formula disc brakes

    Brake discs - diameter Front

    160 mm

    Brake discs - diameter Rear

    160 mm

  • Dimensions

    Ground clearance (unloaded)

    233 mm

    Seat height (unloaded)

    645 mm

  • Other


  • Performance


  • Brakes

    ABS System