Model Description

The EE 1.12 allows children to safely learn the fundamental skills needed to ride bicycles and motorcycles. From getting to grips with the basics of pushing away and balancing, through to stand-up riding, and all while operating a real throttle and brake, the EE 1.12 is the fastest way for kids aged 3 to 5 years old to gain confidence on two wheels. A choice of three power modes ensures safe and progressive learning and with each full battery charge providing up to one hour of running time, plus the option to easily replace it with a fully charged spare battery, there is endless fun to be had with the EE 1.12.


With a twistgrip throttle, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ EE 1.12 allows young riders to discover how to control power from a very young age. Learning how to use a throttle correctly is a fundamental, and very valuable, skill that all riders will learn on the EE 1.12.

The removable lithium-ion battery has a user-friendly power-tool style interface for quick and easy changes. Fully charged spare batteries extend riding time if and when required with the EE 1.12 offering up to one hour of riding time. Quick charging means a completely flat battery can be recharged in one hour.


The EE 1.12 features three ride modes. For new riders, the training mode has a top speed of 8 km/h with the transitional mode slightly higher at 11 km/h. For more competent riders and those who have safely developed their skills using the first two settings, the advanced mode allows for speeds of up to 14 km/h. 


Styled in line with the latest offroad machines from Husqvarna Motorcycles, the EE 1.12 features a classic, Swedish-inspired colour scheme. Complete with a blue anodised bar mount and a small selection of Husqvarna Factory Racing’s sponsor logos, the EE 1.12 allows youngsters to imitate their racing heroes.


At just 7.7 kg including the battery, the EE 1.12 is lightweight with most of the weight positioned low on the frame. This means it is easy to handle, boosting children’s confidence as they develop their riding skills. In addition, it allows them to pick up their balance bike should they need to. Additionally, the EE 1.12 can easily be lifted into the back of the car and transported to a safe riding location, if needed.


With an ultra-low seat height of 33 cm, young riders can confidently touch the ground when starting and stopping. This also allows children to easily dab with a foot while riding to maintain their balance and forward momentum, should they need to. The EE 1.12 is perfectly suited to 3-5 year old children weighing up to 34 kg with an inside leg length of 35-51 cm. As riders grow in size, the seat height can be adjusted easily.

With just a rear brake, learning to slow down safely is easy with the EE 1.12. The lever is placed on the left side of the handlebar and is always within easy reach.


Manufactured from strong aluminium and tig-welded to ensure a durable construction, the frame provides modern ergonomics with the placement of seat, footrests, and handlebars all within easy reach. This design encourages correct body and foot positioning to ensure children develop a perfect riding technique from a very young age. The BMX style fork is made from steel to be capable of handling offroad terrain.

Comfortably positioned for riding either sat down or stood up, the footrests allow youngsters to familiarise themselves with the layout of a full size motorcycle from a very young age.

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Model Specification

  • Engine

    Engine Type

    2 Ah battery




    Engine Management System

  • Frame



    Frame Design

    Steel, BMX style


    BMX chain and freewheel

    Steering head angle

    Total fuel tank capacity approx.

    Weight without fuel approx.

    7.7 kg

  • Transmission




  • Suspension

    Suspension travel Front

    Suspension travel Rear

    Front Suspension

    Steel, BMX style

    Rear Suspension

  • Wheels

    Brake system Front

    Brake system Rear

    Brake discs - diameter Front

    Brake discs - diameter Rear

  • Dimensions

    Ground clearance (unloaded)

    Seat height (unloaded)

    330 mm

  • Other


  • Performance


  • Brakes

    ABS System