Product Description

The classic look open face helmet for classic and cruiser riders with SHOEI safety and performanceOverviewHelmet with classic and custom lifestyle styling High quality high safety and performance for a small open face helmet Design excellenceContemporary yet classic looks in compact and duck tail shape at rear Visor shape which restricts rolling-in of wind Discreet logo design in-keeping with classic looks Main CharacteristicsRestriction of rolling-in wind turbulence by way of the exclusively designed CJ-3 visor Visor adjustment mechanism which enables adjustment of visor bottom position depending on length of nose Interiors fully removable and unreflective to visor Safety featuresAIM Shell Exclusively designed CJ-3 Visor

Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates
Product Name Ref Size Price In Stock Quantity
SHOEI J-O HAWKER TC-1~M 0597389 M £249.99 Check Availability or call 01442 255 272

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