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Pure sports full-face helmets which fits perfectly for comfortable sports ridingWhat is required from the performance of a helmet for sports riding? In addition to safety aerodynamics clear vision a ventilation system which truly performs as well as compact and light motion performance are required. The NXR from SHOEI is the new pure sports full-face helmet for the modern rider who demands a world-class sports performance.Compact Design The NXR boasts a newly designed shell - smaller in size this new slim and light shape is realised through the use of a redesigned shell baseline on both sides. Effective ventilation Performance Three straight hole intakes in forehead - 4 outlets located inside parts realize air exhaustion that is improved upon from the XR-1100. Quietness The reduction of wind noise has been improved by restraining the cause of noise. This has been achieved by the improvement of wind beading and utilising larger cheek and ear pads. Visor System The NXR utilises a completely new visor and base plate system. While Shoei's world-renowned design for hassle free fitting and removing of the visor is maintained the base plate can be adjusted front and rear by rotating a dial. Shell/Liner Sizes 7 Sizes from XXS to XXL Moisture Absorption Quick Dry Interior Fabric Advanced fabric with high moisture absorption and quick drying properties is used throughout all interiors. Pinlock Fog-free Lens The NXR comes supplied with Pinlock Fog-Free lens.

Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates
Product Name Ref Size Price In Stock Quantity
NXR INTENSE TC3~S DISCONTINUED (SALE PRICE) 0735828 S DISCONTINUED (SALE PRICE) £300.00 Check Availability or call 01442 255 272

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