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Scott - Prospect Goggle

For riders that demand more from their goggles, the new SCOTT PROSPECT goggle is up for the challenge. The Prospect starts a new chapter in a very decorated goggle history for Scott.Capitalizing on 45 years of experience, the SCOTT PROSPECT pushes the limits of field of vision, comfort and lens retention. Our new, innovative lens lock system not only increases impact resistance, but will keep the lens in the frame regardless of how rowdy your ride gets.

"The lens lock system has been designed to guarantee the safest lens retention on the market today. I have tested them and they work flawlessly" Professional motocross rider Trey Canard says.

The Scott lens lock system Features a four locking pins that go through the lens and guarantees that the lens is never popping out. A thicker 1mm material is used to make the Prospect lens even more resistant than before. Changing the lens has been made easier thanks to the new rentention system. Simply open the 4 tabs - 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom - to remove the lens from the frame in a matter of seconds.

The largest field of view in the industry, the the FOV in the Prospect goggle is the result of 3 key elemets that Scott has built into the goggle. Scott incresed the lens perimeter while lowering the nose, creating the largest possible lens and reduces vision distractions. The frame has been slimmed down to avoid "tunnel effect" and to increase the field of vision for riders. The Curve lens achieves maximum peripheral vision.

The pivoting outriggers adapt to any helmet shape and size. Having this outrigger system provides a complete and consistent seal against the rider's face. Paired with the optional WFS50 roll-off system that is larger and more fined tuned than it's predesessor that includes a quick and tool- less canister installation. Killer looks, a massive field of vision, and clever features for riding in any weather conditions - grab these goggles and get ready to roost.

For the maximum vision on the track, trails or anywhere you ride, the Scott Prospect goggles are guaranteed to propel you to the finish line!

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