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The Force Field Tornado Thermal Gloves are packed with features..Tornado+ Technology Most extreme sports take place no matter what the weather is throwing at us which is why it is important to use the best possible protection against the harshest of weather. The Forcefield Tornado+ range has been engineered to create the best possible defence against extreme weather. Using our advanced windproof fabric‘Defender’ and clever garment design mean that the worst of the wind and cold will be kept away from your body - crucial to maintain a comfortable core body temperature!Garment Detail Windproof lightweight construction with thermal properties breathable and with a special membrane to help repel water.The perfect riding garment. The range benefits by using a material called Defender fabric.The range benefits by using a material called Defender fabric. The properties of Defender are:Windproof Efficient wicking Ultra Light construction Thermal properties Breathable Advanced membrane to help repel water

Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates
Product Name Ref Size Price In Stock Quantity
TORNADO GLOVE~L FORCEFIELD FF5005L L FORCEFIELD £16.99 Check Availability or call 01442 255 272

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