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Ensure that your wet weather clothing stays in top condition with TX. Direct? Wash-In from Nikwax. This innovative treatment adds durable water repellency (DWR) to fabrics, returning them to as-new performance and helping restore breathability.

Technology Nikwax TX. Direct? has been designed specifically for breathable, waterproof garments and works to replace and restore their water repellent finish. If your garment loses this finish it will soak up water - which in turn will restrict the breathable performance of membranes like GORE- TEX? or eVent?.By applying TX. Direct? Wash-In in your washing machine, you will ensure that the treatment passes through the entire garment, treating seams, tapes, cords and the fabric. The DWR develops after the wash when the garment is air drying as the treatment leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibres. This treatment allows moisture vapour to pass through the fabric, maintaining breathability.There is no need to tumble dry after washing with TX. Direct? Wash-In, meaning that the process is energy efficient and safe for older garments. Features Revive the protective qualities of your garments – treatment adds DWR which in turn aids breathability. Environmentally safe - WaterBased, non-aerosol, non- flammable, non-hazardous and contains no harmful solvents, volatile organic compounds or flurocarbons. Treat in the washing machine – doing so ensures that the treatment passes through the entire garment. Wash first - works best on clean garments, use alongside Nikwax Tech Wash? for best results.

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