Touratech iBracket GalaxyS5/ S6/S6Edge/S7

Product Description

The iBracket is the perfect solution for attaching your smartphone quickly and securely to your vehicle, if you want to use it for navigation, for example.

Intelligent 3D closure with one-handed operation CNC laser-cut and shaped stainless steel components Tailor-made precision closure contour Plastic corners with UV light-resistant silicone rings Rotatable by 90? Dimensions: 142 x 72,5 x 8,1 mm The iBracket can be fitted on all our mountings for GPS brackets and it takes only a few minutes.

Also suitable for other smartphones:

Sony Xperia M2 Samsung A5 Nokia Lumia 930 Nokia Lumia 1020 Nokia Lumia 830

Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates
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