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The OptiMate Lithium will protect your investment and guarantee your Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 / LFP) battery will perform as advertised for a very long time. With 5 Amps of charge current available, OptiMate Lithium?s unique multi step Ampmatic program recharges and balances cells within the battery quickly and efficiently. OptiMate Lithium?s maintenance program delivers current to the vehicle circuitry, protecting and keeping the battery at 100% charge.

OptiMate Lithium ? Battery Performance Guaranteed!

As soon as it?s connected, the Ampmatic microprocessor automatically diagnoses your battery?s condition and sets the optimal charge current and program. This enhanced version of the acclaimed OptiMate multi-stage desulphation program will even automatically give many deep-discharged and otherwise ?dead? batteries a new lease of life. When the charge is complete the eco power-saving mode ensures ultra low power consumption while keeping your battery optimally charged, cool and safe, month after month, prolonging its life by up to 400%!

Technical Specifications

Recommended for: LiFePO4 / LFP batteries up to 100Ah Programme control: ampmaticTM microprocessor Input current max: 0.55A @ 230V Typical annual energy cost: Less than ?1.00 per year (continuous maintenance) Reverse drain current: Less than 0.001A Output current (bulk charge): 0.4A ? 5.0A Charge time limit: 24 hours (maintenance time: unlimited) Maintain / test cycles: 30 min/30 min (alternating hourly) Charge retention test: 5 possible results from ?good? to ?bad? Size: 199 x 71 x 61mm Weight: 1400g Enclosure classification: IP54 Mounting: Easy direct wall mounting Input cable length: 2m Output cable length: 2m Included Accessories: O1 Weatherproof Eyelet Lead; O4 Clamp Lead for bench charging Operation temperature range: -40?C / +50?C Warranty: 3 years Certification (230V model): TUV/GS conformity The SAFE & unique multistage battery optimiser specially designed for 12V LiFePO4 / LFP batteries up to 100 Amp-hours capacity.

OptiMate Lithium is totally safe for months-long connection and maintenance of irregularly or seasonally used batteries even while still connected to the vehicle. The sophisticated charging algorithm ensures no risk of over-charging.

Delivered with two interchangeable SAE connection sets, one with clamps for bench charging, the other with in-line protection fuse and eyelet terminals for permanent connection to the vehicle?s battery to allow easy reconnection of charger when necessary.

Optional accessories include additional fused permanent connection leads (O1); cigarette lighter plug lead (O2) to charge via the cigarette lighter or DIN socket (as found on some BMW, Honda& Triumph touring motorcycles); 1.8m and 4.6m extension leads, weatherproof sockets to provide a convenient 12V supply for sat-nav, MP3 player, mobile phone charger, PDA etc. and much more.

CE Certification; 3-year warranty.

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