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DESCRIPTION It has exceptional quality features which include the best pick-proof lock, ultra-high security with a built in locking mechanism, quality steel construction to resist from sawing and freezing.

The Motorcycle Locks comes complete with 3 keys and fits all Motorcycles. The chain has scratch protection to protect your Motorcycle.

Please ensure you make note of your key number (there are no master keys if you lose them).

SPECIFICATION The New MILENCO Snaefell Diamond Lock and 22mm Chain has been designed and engineered to far exceed the strength and security of any Motorcycle lock, ever made. We have made security products for 25 years and over that time we have seen many wild claims about security made by manufactures. This lock really does far exceed Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond Standard. Complete with Lock.

The Sold Secure Diamond Standard is the toughest standard ever written for Motorcycle security. There is nothing to compare.

Designed to be the toughest, strongest and most secure lock ever made for a Motorcycle. Acceptable easy to fit for such a heavy lock, whilst achieving uncompromising security for your Motorcycle.

Constructed from the highest quality steel 22mm chain link diameter with a high grade materials. The lock has a 35mm hardened steel centre shaft, with immense strength and hardened steel armouring. The chain is complete with sleeve for scratch protection. The high security lock is also pick resistant.

We believe this is the toughest Motorcycle lock ever made.

Fits all Motorcycle Wheels

Lifetime Lock Warranty Included

Milenco Security Rating : 45

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