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SAE to USB lead.

Powerful, safe USB charger to charge USB compatible devices - e.g. mobile phones, navigation devices, MP3 players, intercoms, iPhone, iPad, digital cameras and many others. Use devices while using your car or bike, or recharge while stationary. The O107 charger will turn off if the battery is lower than 12.4V, preventing accidental battery discharge. Works with most USB powered devices including Apple, Garmin, Blackberry.


Weatherproof SAE connector Weatherproof standard USB-A female connector with cover. Safety:

Low input(12.4V) auto-off Short circuit proof Overload protected This accessory lead will fit the eyelet permanent connection leads with black SAE connectors as supplied with all current OptiMates.

If your OptiMate or accessory has the white TM compatible connector, you need TM101.

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Delivery Rates
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